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Victoria Todorov - Selected Works

  • Victoria Todorov - Selected Works

With comedic undertones, Victoria tests the leaky cyborgian distinctions between woman and machine, sketching a vision of the body not just as a commodity, but as machinery. She borrows from the lexicon of animation and online avatars as a machine of effects — engineered movement, space and action in the artificial time of frames, fragments and scenes. On screen, page or canvas, the body’s fleshiness is bypassed and physical impossibilities performed. The most sublime, artificial projection of the self is materialised. The nonhuman aura of her subjects is contrasted with the hyperrealism of her painting, harnessing the uneasy tension between public personae and an alienated, private sense of self that reflects the increased subsumption of life and culture into cyberspace.

In ‘Selected Works’, a succinct new release by Empty Mind Plaza, Victoria’s unique, chaotic and disconcerting visual language is assembled for the first time in one place. Here we can see that her world of tits, teeth and 20th century iconography melting into the 21st is at once personal and uncannily impersonal. This is deterritorialisation at its most intimately alien.

Here’s a quote from me, a critic: “Victoria Todorov is my favourite artist. And you can take that to the bank.”

- Audrey Schmidt

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